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Africell 400w Monocrystalline Solar Panel Module


Busbar PV Cells guaranteeing higher efficiency and durability
High PID guaranteed
Improved low light performance
Designed for extreme weather locations: Module is certified to withstand wind loads of 2400 Pa and

Linear Performance WARRANTY
● 25-year linear power output warranty no less than 80% power output
● 12-year linear power output warranty no less than 90% power output
● 12 years product warranty
ISO9001:2008 IEC61215 IEC61730


Electrical Characteristics
All specified Parameters are at STC 25℃ cell temperature, 1000W/m2 irradiance and AM 1.5

Max-Power Pm(W)  320
Module Power Range (W) 315>Pm≥310 320>Pm≥315 325>Pm≥320 330>Pm≥325 Pm≥330
Power Tolerance (W) +0~+5
Max-Power Voltage Vm(V)         36.9
Max-Power Current Im(A)           8.67
Open-Circuit Voltage Voc(V)       45.1
Short-Circuit Current Isc(A)        9.17
Max-System Voltage (VDC)         1000V(IEC)
Cell Efficiency (%)                          19.0%
Module Efficiency (%)                  17.00%
Pm Temperature Coefficients    (%/℃) -0.44
Isc Temperature Coefficients     (%/℃) -0.34
Voc Temperature Coefficients   (%/℃) 0.03
NOCT Nominal Operating Cell Temperature 45±2℃
Voc Temperature Coefficients (%/℃) -0.41
NOCT Nominal Operating Cell Temperature 45±2℃

Mechanical Characteristics
Cell Material                                          Mono-Crystalline Silicon
Number of Cells                                    72 (6 ×12)
Cell Size                                                  156 ×156 mm
Module Dimensions                            1956 × 992 × 40
Output Cable Specifications              4mm2, TÜV certified, 1000 mm Length
Type of Connector
Renhe Photovoltaic Technology Co.,ltd (05-6,1000V DC,
20A, -40 to 85° C,IP67) TÜ V Rheinland

Junction box                                   TÜV Certified, IP67 rated
Back sheet White back sheet
Front Glass
3.2 mm high transmission low iron tempered glass 3.2mm
AR coating for high efficiency output
Frame Anodized aluminum alloy
Weight 22.5 kg
Current-Voltage and Power-Voltage Curves




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