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Felicity Solar 15kwh 48V Lithium ion battery


Model: LPBR48300

Capacity: 15000WH

Nominal Voltage: 51.2V

Recommended output power: 5000w

Maximum Output power: 7500w

Voltage range: 42-56.4

Maximum Charge & Discharge current: 150A @30S

Recommended  Charge current: -<90A

Discharge current: -<100A

DOD: ->95%

Modules connection: 1-6 IN PARALLEL

Ingress protection: IP21

Cycle life: >2500@25*C 80%DOD

Communication: CAN & RS485

Working Temperature range:  discharge -20*C to 60*C, charge +0*C to +55*C

Net weight: 151KG

Gross weight: 163kg

Product Dimension: 380*563*758mm

Package Dimension:  475*668*925MM





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