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Signal 20kVA 360V Online Inverter


  • 3 Phase In 3 Phase Out
  • Built In 60A MPPT Charge Controller
  • Isolation Transformer
  • MCU Digital Control
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Wide MPPT Voltage Range
  • Accurate Frequency Of 50Hz
  • Constant 220V As Output Voltage On Each Phase
  • 360V DC Voltage
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  • High reliability output Isolation transformer to protects the critical loads
  • 100% 3-phase
  • Dual air-ducts design offers good cooling
  • Dual power supply redundancy
  • Wide input voltage range provides high adaptability to the grid
  • Main PCB board with professional electromagnetic shielding
  • Dual DSP control technology, makes data processing faster & more precise
  • High output PF=0.9 meets with high requirements of applications
  • ECO-mode (98% Efficiency)
  • Bus synchronization control function
  • Advanced no-master-slave parallel technology for online power expansion
  • Multiple communication interface
  • Intelligent SNMP for local monitoring and remote monitor
  • Battery temperature compensation function extends battery service life
  • 10,000 history records
  • Hot-swappable fans design


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