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Afriipower 20kva 360V Inverter


Afriipower Inverters, Inverter Batteries and Solar Products! If Afriipower products look familiar to you, it’s not an illusion. They’ve been around for some years, but under a different brand name – Contec. Today, they’ve been more relevantly renamed and more importantly, the previous high quality standards of the product have been upped further.

Afriipower is poised to play big in the market as a leading brand of inverter and solar power products, designed to for high performance. Check the growing range of Afriipower inverter, including 900VA 12V, 1700VA 24V, 3.5kVA 48V, 5kVA 48V. With strong after sales support, Afriipower is there to sere the needs of inverter users who want a reliable brand.


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