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Afriipower 3.5KVA/48V Solar Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Home UPS with MPPT Solar Charge Controller


  • 3500VA Capacity/ 48VDC (4 No. 12V Batteries)
  • Built-in MPPT Solar Charge Controller
  • User-friendly LCD Display.
  • Accepts SMF and Tubular Battery Options
  • Two Charging options: 12Amps & 16Amps
  • Automatic Change-over at Power Outage
  • Wider operating Voltage: 90V
  • Reverse Battery Protection – Safety Feature to protect inverter
  • Battery High/Low Protection
  • Rotary By-pass Switch
  • Inverter/UPS mode
  • Highend micro-controller/digital signal controller-based design
  • Solar PV reverse voltage protection
  • Smart charge Pulse Technology & solar Charge Controller
  • Reverse Current flow protection battery to solar array
  • Reduce Electricity bills through Solar Charging from the sun
  • Dual Charging options: solar & mains
  • Fully regulated charge controller built in
  • Overload & Short circuit protection feature


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