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Su-vastika 2kVA 24V Falcon Eco Pure Sine Wave Inverter/UPS


  • Su-Kam, re-branded: Same Smart, Stylish & Superior Quality
  • Built-in Galvanic Isolation Transformer for Charging Circuitry
  • Built-in Battery Charger – no need to spend on external charger
  • ATC Technology with Temperature Sensor to Increase Battery Life
  • 6-Stage Efficient Battery Charging for Long Battery Life
  • Accepts Current as low as 85V (ultra low current) to keep charging battery
  • Low Voltage Disconnect – Allows setting battery disconnect at higher level
  • Variable Current Charging to Use any battery size
  • UPS Feature with Zero Change-over time – Appliances remain on
  • Automatic By-pass System
  • 20KHz frequency for noiseless operation
  • High Crest Factor to run loads of high starting current
  • Soft Start Technology reduces startup stress on inverter


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