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Smarten 5kVA 48V Pure Sine Wave Inverter


The 5kVA 48V Smarten inverter, designed to run on four units 12V battery, will meet the most basic power backup requirements, powering the appliances of a small user. With this capacity, you can run the equivalent of four fans, one or two TV sets, fridge/freezer and some other appliances in the home or office, excluding air conditioners. Higher load levels will require higher inverter capacity and more batteries. In all circumstances, user must be sure not to overstretch the batteries with excessive load and extended usage without battery recharge, as this could ruin the batteries.

The Smarten 5kVA 48V inverter offers advanced inverting technology with pure sine wave power output, which is protective of your sensitive equipment. Pure sine wave power is safest for your devices, ensuring extension of their service life.


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