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Smarten 1.7kVA 24V Pure Sine Wave Inverter


  • Pure Sine Wave Power Output, best for Appliances
  • 24V Inverter – Requires 2 units of 12V Battery
  • Built-in Charger – External Battery Charger not required

Smarten inverters are made in India and offer proven dependability and durability. Smarten is one of the inverter brands we offer because we have confirmed is quality and reliable performance.

The 1.7kVA 24V Smarten inverter, designed to run on two units 12V battery, will meet the most basic power backup requirements, powering the appliances of a small user. With this capacity, you can run the equivalent of three fans, a TV set, some energy efficient lighting and other low-power-consumption devices in the home or office. Higher load levels will require higher inverter capacity and more batteries.


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