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Mercury 3.5kVA/48V MH-3000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Digital Display


The Mercury 3.5kva Pure Sine Wave with  UPS functionality is a generation ahead of the entire category. That’s because our breakthrough chip embedded sine wave’ technology delivers the same current as you get from your mains.  The distinguishing features of this Mercury 3.5KVA inverter Pure Sine Wave  are:

  • DSP technology for fast & smooth charging
  • Auto sense intelligent charging (ASIC) adjustment
  • Highly robust & reliable ideal for computers.
  • User selectable charging current
  • Wide charging voltage range
  • Low battery Warning
  • Overload warning
  • Main fuse blown protection
  • Short circuit protection


Mercury 3.5kva Inverter Specification

Voltage Range 180 VAC – 265VAC ± 5 VAC (UPS Mode)
100 VAC – 280 VAC ± 15 VAC (NOR Mode)
Line Low Detection 180V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 100V ± 15V (NOR Mode)
Line Low Comeback 190V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 110V ± 10V (NOR Mode)
Line High Detection 265V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 280V ± 15V (NOR Mode)
Line High Comeback 255V ± 5V (UPS Mode) / 270V ± 10V (NOR Mode)
Frequency Transfer Input Frequency 45-55 Hz

Characteristics (AC)

Inverter Full Load Power  2800
Power Factor 0.8 factor (on resistive load)
On-Line Mode Sine Wave
Battery Mode Sine Wave
On-Line Output voltage Follow the Line Voltage
Battery Mode Output Voltage 200 VAC ± 10%
Transfer Time (No-Load) <15 ms
The frequency at Battery Mode 50 Hz ± 1 Hz

Characteristics (DC)

DC Supply Voltage 48V
Battery Floating Charge Voltage 54.0 VDC ± 0.8 VDC
Charge Current <15 A
Battery Voltage Low Alarm 42.4 VDC ± 0.8 VDC
Battery Discharge Protection 41.6 VDC ± 0.4 VDC
Over Charge Protection > 60.0 VDC ± 0.8 VDC


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