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Cosmos Gel Deep Cycle Battery 7.5Ah/12V UPS Battery - Maintenance-free, Fast Recharge, Pollution-free


The Cosmos 7.5Ah 12V Gel type UPS battery is designed to renew the performance of your UPS, restoring it to life.

The Maintenance-free Cosmos 7.5Ah UPS battery offers durability to keep your UPS running. This UPS battery can be used for different UPS brands, replacing batteries of 7Ah, 7.2Ah and 7.5Ah, depending on what your UPS currently uses.

  • Maintenance-free, Fast Recharge, Pollution-free
  • Sealed and Maintenance Free Operation – RecombinationTechnology maintenance-free
  • Lead proof Construction – non-spill-able
  • ABS material that increases the strength of battery container
  • Superior Quality and Reliability
  • High quality AGM Separator – Extends Battery Cycle Life and Prevents Micro Short-circuit
  • Exceptional Deep Discharge Recovery
  • Low self-discharge


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