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Blue Carbon 10kwh 48V Lithium Ion Battery


Smart BMS 10kw Lithium Battery 48V Solar Energy 200Ah Power Wall Lifepo4 Pack

Cast Aluminium Case:

High quality aluminium magnesium alloy, anti-corrosion, substantial, durable, artistic, practical.

LiFePO4 Battery:

With LiFePO4 battery, high safety, long life span.


Model UU48-200
Storage capacity 10240Wh
Standard capacity 200Ah/51.2V
Continuously Use Input Current 100A
Continuously Use Output Current 100A
Standard Charging voltage 57.6V-60V
Maximum charging voltage 90V
Self-Discharge(25°) <3%/month
Depth of discharge Up to 80%
Cycle life >6000 times(<0.5C)
C-rate discharge <0.8C
Communication RS485
Recommendation 10℃-45℃
Warranty 5 years


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